Image of Sorcières d’Eeau/Water Witches with snake
American, circa 1923
Accession No. 2012-9-us
These women belonged to one of an extended network of water sorcery clans that occupied the waterways of southern Louisiana as far back as anyone can remember, although they seem to have died out over the last couple of decades, perhaps due to their reclusive nature. Their unique relationship with water allowed them to float still in swift moving waters and remain at all times un-accosted by water serpents, leeches, snapping turtles and alligators. They had the power to alleviate any problems regular people have with water, such as dousing for difficult-to-find water sources, curing the fear of drowning, preventing flooding, and the like, but it is well known that it is hard to convince them to help anyone outside the clans.
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