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The items that you see below are from the collection of The Museum of Mesmerism & Psychic Art, which I established in Bzinica Stara, Poland in 1999. I came upon the Museum location in my search for my ancestral roots in Poland in the 1990s. My research led me to the enchanting town of Bzinica Stara, which revealed many secrets of my largely undocumented Polish ancestry. As I explored the town, digging for clues to my family’s origins, my research led me to a mysterious abandoned building, which records indicated was last owned by my great-great aunt, Bronka Katarzyna.

I discovered that this building was crafted by a mystical order of seers and conjurers that established an outpost in Bzinica Stara centuries ago as a safe refuge for the practice of their arts. The building was restored for the museum, revealing many secret chambers, conjuring and spell-casting devices, Mesmeric and illusionist tools, spirit photographs, inexplicable objects, and enigmatic scripts that defy all attempts at translation.

The Museum collection has expanded its scope over the years to include examples of a wider range of psychic practices and phenomena, such as visionary artworks, vodou implements, and hypnotic, trance, mystical, alchemical and related artifacts.

Beverly Rayner
Director and Curator of Collections
The Museum of Mesmerism & Psychic Art
Bzinica Stara, Poland

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