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Conjurer’s pots or “vision cauldrons” were extremely powerful tools for conjuring up answers to questions of fate. These pots were always fashioned out of copper, for its supreme conductive properties, and shaped by each Conjurer to be receptive to his own specific electromagnetic vibrations. This particular pot remains in a neutral state, as no one has been able to activate it since the Conjurer who once mastered it, my great uncle Dariusz, passed on.

This conjurer’s pot was housed in a special round chamber in the Bzinica Stara building. The room has an ethereal quality, no doubt enhanced by its soft sky blue colored plaster, its gracefully domed ceiling, and an oddly powerful circular skylight in the center of the dome that amplifies the light hitting the pot.

Beverly Rayner, Conjurer’s pot, Museum of Mesmerism
Conjurer’s pot
Prussian, date unknown
Accession No. 2001-4-pr
31" x 31" x 27.5"