Memory Encapsulation Network #2Memory Encapsulation Network #2 (detail 1)Memory Encapsulation Network #2 (detail 2)AmnesiacConvolutions of time and memoryConvolutions of time and memory (detail)Memory Experiment #1: Diminishing returnsOral Histories (installation)Oral Histories (detail)Murmurs of memoryStorytellersOptic Nerve Bundle: afterimagesOptic Nerve Bundle: afterimages (detail)Only the ghosts remainOnly the ghosts remain (detail)WhisperersWhisperers (detail)Amnesiac #2Fading recollection #3Fading recollection #3 (detail)
Much of my work over the years has explored various aspects of memory and how it is captured, colored, and distorted by personal perception.

I often use found photographs in this work. What interested me about these abandoned images was the loss of identity - a sort of amnesia - they embodied. Family photos hold so much emotion for the people they represent, but lose that power when they lose the stories behind them. They become cultural artifacts with ambiguous meaning, or disembodied ghosts of their subjects’ lives.

In my series, “memory experiments,” I build vaguely scientific devices that illustrate various mechanisms that receive, store and retrieve memories. This work was informed by my research into the neurology and psychology of memory and perception, which revealed astounding complexities and frailties within the inner workings of our brains.